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Here’s to the Canadian Tuxedo!

Maybe you’re a bit like me and your closet is bursting with clothing, but the only variation of black-white-grey you own is blue jeans. So when I was thinking about what to wear for Canada Day, it seemed an obvious choice to rock a Canadian Tuxedo. I mean, it has “Canadian” in the name. I’m sold.

I got to thinking about where the Canadian Tuxedo came from, why is it so “Canadian”? Google gave me a few stories, but the most unexpected one goes back to Bing Crosby in the 50s in Vancouver. He was almost denied entrance to an upscale hotel because he was wearing jeans. The rest is history, because when Levi’s heard of this they sent him a custom denim tux.

Is it too melodramatic of me to call denim the most versatile fabric ever made? It can be dyed, bleached, distressed, embroidered, blended, weaved thin for a feminine drape or thick for structured looks. The list is endless. And so is the proof; from Britney and Justin’s matching red carpet throwback to Rihanna’s parade of chic denim-on-denim looks, not to mention the fabric is flooding runways from NYC to Milan.

So in true fashionable-patriotic style, I’m rocking a Canadian Tuxedo looks this year.

And this weekend only, you can snag the signature look for 20% off - shop in stores or online!


It's Donni's Birthday! PRIVbabes are celebrating!

When you're a #privbabe you will eventually meet the woman behind the brand, and you'll instantly want to be her. It's not hard to see why. First of all, she's the most gorgeous human (we have yet to confirm that she IS human). Second, her family is absolutely goals. Third, she's [...]

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​EveryBODY's Shorts

Babes, let’s get into this topic: shorts. Personally, I have a complicated relationship with shorts. It kind of feels like I’m planning for a major life event to get my legs ready. There’s the squats, the shaving, the tanning, the moisturizing...or the lack of all of the above. Not to mention mentally wrapping my mind [...]

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Have you ever found a clothing brand that’s so incredible you would literally wear every. Single. Piece. That’s how I feel about BRUNETTE the Label.You’ve no doubt heard about BRUNETTE. Their signature sweatshirts feature BRUNETTE, BLONDE and REDHEAD among must-have sayings like ROSE OKAY and BABES SUPPORTING BABES. And if I’m honest, I own almost [...]

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STYLING FOR THE PRIV: Mother's Day Brunch

Brunch is a necessity for Mother’s Day weekend. Whether you want to keep it casual or classic, you don’t want to spend the day worrying about what you’re wearing. We’ve put together a few looks so you can focus on what’s important – your Mom! Miri Off The Shoulder Top $49Prism Pointed Toe Suede Mules in [...]

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Boss babe. #girlboss. Mompreneur. Superwoman. Whatever we call her, she’s known most fondly as mom.Looking up the definition of the word “mom” or “mother” is hardly inspiring. I found things like “a woman in relation to her child” and “a female parent”. I am glad that at least the definition doesn’t read “a woman who [...]

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A good pair of jeans can make or break any outfit. It can easily take you from basic to trendy with one choice. Here are three easy ways to complete your denim dream.  And, this weekend only (April 28-30th) shop ALL your favourite premium denim labels 20% OFF!  No code required. Available online or [...]

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Sucking It in

I’m not sure how I feel about this new corset trend. I do see how it is a natural progression from all the lace up clothing that’s been trending for some seasons now. An inevitable end point. But I just don’t know if I can get behind it.A corset, according to Wikipedia, is a garment [...]

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The New Florals

While florals had a big moment in the fall, they really scream Spring! Summer! I love how after a loooooong cold and grey winter all the trees bloom pink for a few weeks to signal the beginning of warmer, longer, sunnier days. And I love florals on clothing. And yet, as someone who loves florals [...]

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Styling For The Priv – BOGO Sale!

With seasons changing, we all strive to be on trend and current. But who can really afford it? Sometimes you don’t need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. Here are three ways you can embrace the (Buy One Get One FREE) sale section:Distressed Straight Leg Denim in White $97 $57.99Bowery Crossbody [...]

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