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Gird List
  • Layered Detailed Bracelet

    It's all about the details. The Layered Bracelet from Pilgrim is the perfect piece to add to your outfit. It features 3 rows of glass pearls, white cotton string, chains, and various small pendants with crystals. Pair it...

  • Precious Stones Bracelet

    The Precious Stones Bracelet from Pilgrim is an easy choice. It's adorned with three square pearls inset, which have a shiny finish. Wear it with a watch to make the perfect set!  All jewellery is final...

  • Metal Structured Bracelet

    The Metal Structured Bracelet form Pilgrim is the perfect accessory. It features an adjustable length and minimalistic style. Pair it with the Mesh Minimalist Watch from PIPERWEST for an understated, yet sophisticated look...

  • Mini Warrior Bracelet

    The mini version of the warrior bracelet is the new must have! Each one contains a real previously fired brass shell casing with their logo laser etched into the side. All of them are made with real stones and each one...

  • Marble Mala Beads
    $18.00 $12.99

    Stand out with the Marble Mala Beads. It features faux suede tassels and gold accents. Pair it with The Duo Minimalist Watch in White Saffiano/Silver for a feminine and polished look.  All jewellery is final...

  • Thread & Tassel Bracelet
    $14.00 $9.99

    Add the Thread & Tassel Bracelet to any outfit. The complimentary mix of thread and metal makes this a versatile piece. Features a black tassel and metal clasp. Pair it with more bracelets for a bolder look.  All...

  • Prana Mala Beads
    $18.00 $12.99

    The Prana Mala Beads are the perfect addition to anyone's jewellery collection. Features natural beads with a turquoise accent or marble beads with a black accent. Wear it by itself or pair it with a watch for a...

  • Minimalist Ring & Bracelet Set
    $19.00 $14.99

    The Minimalist Ring & Bracelet Set gives you everything you need in one package. They're perfect to wear altogether or separately.  All jewellery is final sale

  • Marble Stone Cuff Bracelet

    The Marble cuff is an oversized gold cuff with a large marble stone in the centre.    All jewellery is final sale ...

  • Amity Mini Stone Cuff Bracelet
    $24.00 $19.99

    The Amity cuff is a delicate bracelet that wraps around a stone at the end. Great to stack with other cuffs or watches.  All jewellery is final...

  • Contessa Arm Cuff Bracelet
    $18.00 $14.99

    The Contessa arm cuff makes a statement with its thin lines. pair with delicate stacked rings.   All jewellery is final...

  • Silver Chain ID Bracelet
    $23.00 $9.99

    Chunky, on trend ID bracelet. Layer with your fav bracelets for a fun arm party!    All jewellery is final sale ...

  • Mint Thread/Rose Gold Wrap Bracelet
    $59.00 $39.99

    The newest Thread & Bead collection from Alden Rae. Authentic Alden Rae leather wrap bracelet with thread overlay. Made to wrap 5 times Unisex Signature Alden Rae charm Genuine leather All jewellery is final...

  • Black Leather/Sterling Silver Wrap Bracelet
    $49.00 $29.99

    Authentic Alden Rae leather wrap bracelet made of black leather and sterling silver beads. Made to wrap 5 times Unisex Signature Alden Rae charm Genuine leather All jewellery is final...

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